Our Management Principles

1. Development of BWS means concentration on our customer. This is achieved through participative leadership.

6. Cooperation within the team is based on matters and facts and characterized by readiness to help each other.

2. The responsibility of each employee for his own performance and the joint effort guarantees the success of BWS on the market.

7. A fair, human and cooperative teamwork is enhanced by good manners.

3. Employees competently work on their own to achieve precise their clearly stipulated targets and meet their expectations.They take quick and courageous decisions. Success motivates!

8. Achievements are recognized and honoured. Criticism will be practised direct, constructively and in time.
4. Tasks and authorisations are delegated as far down the organisation as possible. Work progress is controlled by superiors and employees themselves to secure results.

9. Employees are stipulated to use their talents and be supported according to their interest in career and the company’s requirements.
5. All employees are responsible that any information needed is given fully and in time, so that all employees can successfully master their tasks on the basis of open communication.
10. Every employee gives guidance. By positive thinking, openness, individual effort and motivating behaviour he contributes to making work at BWS enjoyable.